Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Footage from the Backyardigans.

Matthew showing his skills in water irrigation.

Ellison has no fear of aquatic slippage!
(that's Nicole you hear cheering her little man on.)

Professional Slip-n-Sliders!

Our Anniversary through July 4th.

These past couple of weeks have been extremely fun for sure.  We can't believe how fast summer is going by.  Slow down please!  Over these past weeks, we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.  We took a trip to downtown Greenville and hung out and stayed at the Poinsett Hotel.  We had an awesome time.  By the way, we ate at Smoke on the Water and it was incredible.  We highly recommend that restaurant to anyone (fried green tomatoes baby!).  After our anniversary celebration, the nation's b-day was upon us so that meant the annual July 4th Cookout!  Amber's daddy can make some mean barbeque and ribs.  There are no words to describe the feeling your taste buds experience when chomping down on some delicious barbeque prepared by the one and only 8-ball Sanders.  Lots of peeps came to the cookout and enjoyed some slip-n-slide action especially "the Chief" who walked away with some poison oak.  Sorry Chief, we will be taking care of that a.s.a.p. with some Round-Up.  The cookout came to an end with a quick swim in Ray's awesome pool followed by a spectacular firework sensation in the skies over the Saluda River.  It doesn't get much better than that on this side of sweet glory land.  Enjoy the pics and nothing but love for you all.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The BackYardigans...

This past weekend was an adventurous one!  Most of the excitement happened in the backyard.  Matthew and Quinn got a crazy idea of buying a Toy Story 3 slip-n-slide and setting it up for the whole family to enjoy (Fred's Summer Special).  Pretty much, those two boys enjoyed it more than the whole family.  The Toy Story 3 slip-n-slide was only like ten feet long so by the time they hit the ground, it was over.  That slip-n-slide was not made for two grown men to run and jump on it, but that didn't stop them in the least.  Little Ellison even enjoyed the excitement of the slip-n-slide.  The backyard activities did have to cease for a short time due to an isolated thunderstorm that Dale Gilbert predicted earlier in the day (Dale's the man!).  To end the evening, we all decided to go on a bike ride.  Matthew pulled Ellison in some kind of cockpit thingy behind his bicycle.  It was pretty cool and Ellison seemed to like it as well.  All in all, Saturday evening was some good family time for sure.  Make sure you check out the pics below.  Nothing but love for you all.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Biking Duo

  The summer has definitely started off with a bang! From working in the yard to going on our first family vacation this summer, we have certainly been enjoying every minute of our summer break.  One of our newest adventures for this summer is to become a biking duo in the big town of Pelzer.  Quinn completely surprised me with an awesome blue beach cruiser bike for my birthday a couple of weeks ago (notice the awesome basket I found at the beach). So, we ventured today and got Quinn one so we could ride along down main street together.  Of course it has been ridiculously hot all day long, so we decided to wait to ride later in the evening.  It was perfect! That was until a sweat bee flew in Quinn's eye and stung him.  Luckily, we weren't far from Blake's house so we could stop by for an eye wash. After Quinn's eye was recovered, we finished off our wonderful evening ride.  It is just one of the many to come this summer.
  Speaking of bees, our barn (a.k.a our garage) has begun to be taken over by bees.  Well, luckily I married a Bee Bandit and they have been destroyed as of this afternoon.  Take a look at the Bandit below.  What an eventful day it has been at the Pearson household!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garden City Vacation 2010!

On our way to take Sadie to the Vet for the week...

Hurricane force winds topple man's umbrella...
(notice he didn't do anything about it)

Lane's first trip to the beach and he's all smiles...

Uncle Q is so silly...

The whitest couple on the beach for sure...

The Roberts' spending some quality family time...

Lane's most favorite person...Neesie!
(she's our favorite too)

          Last week, we ventured out to Garden City for the Sanders' Family Vacation.  We had an awesome time being lazy beach bums all week long without a care in the world.  A couple of highlights that are worth mentioning are the following: becoming professional boogie boarders, swimming with the stingrays, and getting no tan or sunburn whatsoever.  
         For some reason, Quinn thinks he is an expert at boogie boarding when we go to the beach every year.  The first day he went out there, he got ransacked by a wave in which he lost his sunglasses and broke his boogie board.  He did recover nicely and must say he can catch some serious waves.  While we were out in the ocean boogie boarding, Bryce and Quinn would yell out, "Shoot it!" if a good wave was crashing in.  If it was a bad wave, the boys would yell, "Caboot it!"  Those boys are living legends in their own minds.  
         No joke on this one, the ocean was infested with stingrays this year.  As we were swimming in the ocean, a school of stingrays swam right by us.  It was pretty awesome to see other people hoop and holler over those crazy stingers.  Along with the stingers, we watched the news one evening and saw where someone found an alligator in the ocean too.  All we can say is beware if you go swimming at Garden City Beach this year.  
          We are serious about our SPF!  We concluded that we were the whitest peeps on the beach and were proud of it too.  Even our umbrella had sunscreen in it.  Speaking on umbrellas, we snapped a shot of a man who's umbrella broke like a toothpick in the wind.  It didn't seem to bother him and we think he just ended up using it as a blanket.  Finally if you are out in the sun, put your SPF on so that you will look like fine wine when you are 70 years old.  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Are Back in Action People!

Summer has finally come back to visit us again!  To our faithful followers, we hope we can make you smile each time you read our blogs (that is our goal).   We try to keep life simple and good at the same time and we find that a good mix for the both of us.  Well, let's go ahead and get started about our first two days of summer.  DAY #1... We started out in the yard because it needed a face lift for sure.  Quinn all most put his life on the line while trimming this huge bush that was out of control.  He didn't have a ladder handy, but did have a dining room chair he used to trim that jungle of a thing.  After trimming the bushes, we weeded the flower beds in preparation for mulch.  DAY #2...Mulching the whole yard.  Mulching the yard was a job and a half for the both of us.  It took all day long, but we did break for some peanut butter and jelly (mixed together) sandwiches.  While mulching, we paused for some photo shoots.  We found this cool sign that said, "Yard of the Month" and decided to take our picture with it because after slaving in the hot sun, we felt like worthy of the award.  Summer has definitely started off with a bang!  We have a lot more adventures planned so stay tuned.  All in all, it's good to be back in the blogging world.  Nothing but love for all of you.  

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Man/Woman/Dog Vs. Wild!

This was our last adventure of the summer.  We decided to pack it all up one more time and head to Twin Lakes Campground.  Let me tell you, we had ourselves a blast.  When we got there, we thought a tornado was coming across Lake Hartwell.  During all that tornadic activity, we were trying to put up our tent.  The tent became more of a parachute than a shelter. We were not the only ones having problems that day either.  Amber's daddy, Ricky, was setting up his pop-up camper and all most turned the whole thing over.  As our tent was about to soar us into the air and Ricky was flipping his camper, our neighbors came over and asked, "Do ya'll need some help?"  Needless to say, we had some pretty cool neighbors because they let us borrow a much needed hammer.  Once the homestead was established, we went swimming, tubing, skiing, and most importantly did some major grilling out.  One of our biggest challenge of the trip was trying to get our dog, Sadie, to swim.  We bought her a life jacket and for the most part it worked and she swam for a little while.  We do have to brag some about Sadie because she was such a good little dog while we were there.  She slept in the tent with us at night and that was pretty interesting.  All in all, we have to give major props to Ricky for being the camp cook/recreational chief.  Jamey, Hope, and the one and only Bryce were awesome campsite buddies.  To sum it up, we had an incredible time living outdoors and hope to do it again soon.